Dream Workshop-Every Wednesday 11AM-Noon

$10.00  Resonant Essentials

Walk in Healing Sessions-Fridays Noon-3pm

Resonant Essentials

3107 Eubank NE Ste 33&34

No Appointments necessary

Introduction to Sigil Magic Zoom Class July 17th 6pm

All credit cards accepted

Psychic Healing

I am a Bengston Method Energy Healer.  This modality has been researched to provide healing an relief for many diseases and ailments.  Distance healing is available as well as "a take home"' tool to continue healing after a session. 

Healing: $40 /half hour session

Dream Interpretation

Using archetypes and Jungian concepts, dreams can be translated into an understandable narrative that is relevant to one's current life.  Dream work can be done in person or over the telephone at the dream creators convenience.  Call 505-250-4311

Dream translation: $10.00 per session.  

Dream Workshops every Wednesday from 11am-Noon at 

Resonant Essentials  3107 Eubank NE St #33&34

Spiritual House Cleaning

All spaces and dwellings contain the energies, joys and traumas of previous inhabitants.  Whether you are moving into a new home or would like to feel more peaceful in your home or workplace, Spiritual house cleaning can aid in removing negative energy and old traumas.  Divorce, relocation and empty nesting can cause abrupt changes in the energies of any space.  Indicators of negative energy in a home or workplace include chaotic dreaming, overly sensitive children, a sudden uptick in things breaking and a general feeling of being out of sorts in your home.

Spiritual House Cleaning is different for each space.  Please call for a quote.